Usb power supply circuit diagram diagram base website circuit

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Typically, each new device nee Modern PCs rarely have a serial or parallel port any more, to the great regret of anyone who experiments with microcontrollers every now and then.

In the old days it was very simple to use t Life in the 21st century would be almost unbearable without some of the computer peripherals that PC users now look on as essentials — take for example the USB powered teacup warmer; this de What was needed was a method of allowing a laptop to use the printer occasionally while at all other times the printer The circuit shown here accepts an in The Xbox is the well-known Microsoft game computer.

The fact that the Xbox is based on PC technology should hardly be surprising, since Microsoft specialises in this computer architecture. This was also true for RS but not with L Terms Of Service Privacy Policy. Editor's Choice. Search Posts. Recent Posts. Subscribe To A Category. Circuit Categories. Amplifier circuit diagrams. Audio Circuit Diagrams. Circuit Diagram Softwares. Counter Circuit Diagrams. Filter Circuit Diagrams.

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But, the park is huge and full of people. Just drop by a supermarket nearby and pick up some standard batteries to recharge your phone on-the-go. Click here to see where you can get everything you need to build this circuit. The circuit is based around the LM chip. The circuit will work perfectly fine without these also. The resistors R2 to R5 set the voltage levels on the data lines to specific voltages. These voltages ensure that the device knows what current to use for charging.

I got the values for these resistors from an Adafruit article where they opened an iPhone charger to see how it worked. These values will make an iPhone and many other devices charge with mA.

5 Simple Preamplifier Circuits Explained

It also reduces the voltage by 1V, which means you need at least 8V in for the charger to work. Also, it makes it possible to use a DC socket for connecting a range of different inputs without worrying about plus and minus being correct. The voltage regulator can still get too hot and shut down, even with this diode.

If you find that this happens a lot, you can solve it by adding a clip-on heatsink for TO All these batteries are fairly simple to find in most supermarkets. This circuit is fairly easy to build. You only need 7 components. If you want to use a different type of battery, just switch to a different battery connector.

Or even better, use a standard DC input socket so that you can connect it to standard DC wall adapters. You can also use solar panel chargers on a sunny day. Thank u for the article. However, the should not be used due to the heat it outs out. Try a MC chip instead. I suggest for beginners because it makes the circuit pretty easy to build. I suggest using a usb-socket with cable, then you can plug the wires into the breadboard. I think u ihave all components but for the in my couple of boxes of starter kits.

usb power supply circuit diagram diagram base website circuit

Did your circuit work, because I tried to do it on a breadboard and only the LED work, and i dont see my error. So, I was wondering if you had a photo of your circuit so I could see where my mistake was. As you mentioned that It is really not necessary to use rectifier diode. Please let me know is i am Right or Wrong? Hey Jagjot, For this to happen, the input battery voltage would have to be lower than 5V.

Could be. But, the third thing is that the charging circuit inside the phone would have to be designed in such a way that it was possible to get power out of it. In case of otg capable phone. What you think??.

It will reverse charge unless the battery voltage less than phone. But dont let to be happend.

Things you can make from old, dead laptops

Please guide me through the modifications required for getting an output of 2. Keep in mind the will get very hot with this much current.The majority of them utilize USB cable. The cable may be utilized to transfer data from 1 device to another…. The majority of them use USB cable. The cable can be utilized to transfer information from one apparatus to another. In addition, it can link device….

Most of them use USB cable.

usb power supply circuit diagram diagram base website circuit

The cable can be used to transfer information from one apparatus to another. It can also link device to a power source for charging purpose.

The cable can be used to transfer data from one apparatus to another. It can also link device to a power…. The cable may be utilized to transfer data from one device to another. In addition, it can link device to…. The cable can be utilized to transfer data from 1 device to another.

It can also link device to…. Usb Camera Wiring Diagram — lightning to usb camera adapter wiring diagram, usb camera wiring diagram, usb webcam wiring diagram, There are a number of kinds of electronics on the market.

The cable may be utilized to transfer….

usb power supply circuit diagram diagram base website circuit

The cable can be utilized to transfer data from one apparatus to another. In addition, it can connect device to…. Usb Male To Femaile Wiring Diagram — usb male to female cable wiring diagram, usb male to female wiring diagram, There are various types of electronic gadgets available on the market. The cable can be utilized to transfer data….

The cable can be used to transfer data from 1 apparatus to another. It can also link device to a…. Skip to content.The following email discussions were sent to me by Mr John Sweden who is one of the avid readers of this blog, here he explains about an USB isolator device, and how it may be incorporated while using an oscilloscope with a PC, in order to safeguard the oscilloscope and the test circuit from accidental high volatges.

Let's learn more. I had heard that one must use extreme caution when placing the oscilloscope probe earth of this and any oscilloscope on the test circuit if that test circuit is also brought to mains earth potential by plugging it in to a USB port to power it. An example of such an isolator is shown here:. A less costly alternative to many of the other the eye-wateringly expensive isolators also shown on EBay might be really useful. However, tt seems to be a difficult circuit and I don't think I would be able to design this one.

Let me try, I'll let you know if I happen to crack it. I finally tracked down a schematic of the isolator. Unfortunately the one given to me was small and not clear. Tried to sharpen in Photoshop but it is still poor. It will give you an idea. It's a good choice for appilcations that isolation is needed between PC and peripheral device.

This module features a low noise power that is very suitble for Hifi devices. In additon, overcurrent protection circuit is included. When short circuit happens in your device, the power supply will be cut off to protect both your device and this module.

Low and full speed data rate: 1. A helpful guy in China provided this PDF schematic attached. If you have any circuit related query, you may interact through comments, I'll be most happy to help! Your email:. Sir i want to charge my andrioad mobile by usening 3.In this post we will try to analyze a few interesting IC LM based power supply circuits and related application circuits which can used by all hobbyists and professional for their day to day electronic circuits and experiments.

The following circuit examples simply depict few of the very interesting useful power supply circuits using this IC. The first circuit shows the typical wiring format done around the IC.

How to Make a Bench Power Supply

The circuit provides an adjustable output right from 1. This circuit produces an output that may be equal to the input supply voltage but the current is well regulated and can never exceed the 5 Amp mark. R1 is precisely selected so as to maintain a safe 5 amp maximum current limit that can be withdrawn from the circuit. The IC LM alone is specified for handling a maximum of 5 Amp of current, however if the IC is needed to handle higher currents, in the region of 15 amps, it can well be modified to produce that much of current with the appropriate modifications as shown below.

The circuit utilizes three IC LM for the intended implementations with output voltage that's adjustable as explained for the first circuit. R8 is used for the voltage adjustment operations. In the above designs, the power supply utilized a pot for implementing the voltage adjustment procedure, the below given design incorporates discrete transistors which can be digitally triggered separately for obtaining the relevant voltage levels at the outputs.

The collector resistance values are chosen in an incremental order so that a correspondingly varying voltages can be selected and becomes available through the external triggers. Other than power supplies, LM can also be used as a light controller. The circuit shows a very simple design where a phototransistor replaces the resistor which normally acts as the component for adjusting the output voltage. The light which needs to be controlled is powered by the output of the IC and its light is allowed to fall on this phototransistor.

As the light increases the value of the photo-transistor decreases which in turn pulls the ADJ pin of the IC more toward the ground, forcing the output voltage to decrease which also decreases the light illumination, maintaining a constant glow on the lamp.

The next circuit shows a super simple wiring with the IC LM whose ADJ pin is connected to the output after a current sensing preset. The value of the preset determines the maximum amount of current that becomes permissible through the IC at the output.

The circuit below can be used to charge a 12 volt lead acid battery safely. The resistor Rs may be selected appropriately for determining the desired level of current for the connected battery. R2 can be adjusted for obtaining other voltages for charging other categories of batteris.

Some sensitive electronic circuits require a slow start rather than the usual instant start. The inclusion of C1 makes it sure that the output from the circuit rises gradually to the set maximum level ensuring the intended safety to the connected circuit.Hey Guyz, This time I'm making a variable bench power supply. This is the most useful equipment for a hobbyist and DIY maker cause while making or testing circuits, it needs different values of voltage and current.

That's why every DIY maker must have their own bench power supply. Now I'm going to show you how to build an awesome variable bench power supply.

So take your tools and let's get started :. I easily get continuously adjustable output voltage V and current Awhich is pretty enough for circuit testing and other things. I'm also using voltage regulator IC for 5V constant voltage and current. We need these following parts to build the power supply.

usb power supply circuit diagram diagram base website circuit

I bought some from online and some from the local store. I'm using here acrylic sheet to making the enclosure of my power supply. This is an amazing material cause it is easy to cut, bend and sand. You can use the acrylic sheet to make your own power supply. So let's get started. First, remove the paper cover of the acrylic sheets.

Then sand the acrylic sheets until getting a smooth flat surface. We'll start off by applying super glue on the edges of upper and lower panels. Next, attach the side panels to each panel. I decided to paint the upper and lower encloser of my power supply.

I choose matt black colour for my power supply. We need some extra pieces for mounting screw.Note that all these links are external and we cannot provide support on the circuits or offer any guarantees to their accuracy.

Some circuits would be illegal to operate in most countries and others are dangerous to construct and should not be attempted by the inexperienced.

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Low Voltage Alarm for batteries and other volatile DC power sources. Voltage Monitor using UA operational amplifier.

The Simplest Power Supply Circuit

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Alternative power source for Magellan GPS receivers. Battery voltage monitor using an LM op-amp. A Variable power supply with adjustable current limiting. Dynamo Current and Voltage Regulator. General purpose portable DC power supply using rechargeable C cells.

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